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NHS and Private prescriptions

A full range of pharmacy services and advice

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We offer wide range of services, but from time to time we highlight some ouf our services designed to benefit your health or make your life easier;

Slim ‘N Fit Weight Loss Programme


No time for slimming clubs? No time for the gym? Fed up with miracle diets?


Now you can lose weight and get fitter the healthy way at Stoltons Pharmacy.


Enrol with us today and achieve your fitness and weight goals with our help.


We provide professional personalised advice, and monitoring of weight and other health parameters, taking account of your medical history and any medication taken. Advice given is in line with current best practice to help achieve targets that you want that are also in line with recognised best health outcomes. We are also able to offer medication to help with weight control to appropriate patients, under strict guidelines, in addition to dietary and fitness advice and monitoring.


Maintaining an optimum weight for your height and a good level of fitness, combined with a healthy diet can have significant benefits to your health and lifestyle. Why not sign up today?


Medicines Use Reviews at Stoltons Pharmacy


 Do you have to order medicines several times a month?  Are you unsure of how to take your medicines?


Have you been on a medicine a long time and wonder if you still need it?


Do you order repeat medicines but have not seen the Doctor for a while?


Do you need advice about your medicines?


If you can answer yes to any of these questions or have other problems with your medicines and your health, you might be ready for a Medicines Use Review.

 This is a FREE service, taking 10-20minutes, which we and the National Health Service promote to patients to encourage good and appropriate use of your medicines.

 You can book this service with your Pharmacist, or at quiet times you may be able to obtain an immediate review. There is a similar service available for new medicines prescribed to you by your doctor to ensure you obtain the maximum benefit from those medicines


Repeat Dispensing Service


You can arrange for up to 6 months of prescriptions to be managed by us, saving Dr’s appointments and your time.  You would simply call at the Pharmacy, we would make a few simple checks and you can collect your medication. Please ask about this service for further details

Some of the above services are funded by the NHS, some are privately offered as part of our wider and expanding healthcare services



Our Flu vaccination service is available FREE on the NHS for eligible patients, which includes those over 65 and those with certain medical conditions or risks to their health. We also now offer a non-NHS private flu vaccination service for a small fee. Available from October until March.

Your vaccination will take place in private in our consultation area, although you may choose for one person to accompany you. Usually an appointment will not be necessary, but at busy times you may need to wait until the pharmacist is available.


The service will not be available on Wednesdays or Saturdays or when our usual pharmacist is not present.

If you have already booked with your GP or have had a vaccination this year then it would not be appropriate for us to offer this to you.

Should you have any questions, then please speak to one of the staff who will be pleased to help you.


We re able to offer the most up to date advice on the relevant vaccinations and malaria medicines, insect repellants and essential first aid equipment for travelling abroad for business or pleasure. 

We can supply relevant medication on a Doctor's prescription but are planning to extend our services to offer medication direct from the pharmacy without needing to go to the Doctor's surgery.